Our Services

Pediatric Occupational Therapy evaluates and treats the following areas based on standardized testing, clinical observation, and parent interview:

●Sensory processing skills

●Fine motor, grasping coordination, cutting skills

●Self-care including dressing, self-feeding and toileting readiness

●Strength, coordination, endurance

●Visual perceptual and visual processing skills

●Letter recognition, formation, and legibility with writing

●Attention and frustration tolerance

●Community living skills including time and money management

●Engagement, social interaction, and functional play skills


Sprout and Bloom Pediatric Occupational Therapy is currently a private pay only clinic.  However, private pay services can be valuable for families with high insurance deductables, co-payments for services, or limited access to network providers.  Sprout and Bloom can also supplement a child’s current therapy program, and collaborate with other providers involved in your child’s care.  If you have out of network insurance benefits, Sprout and Bloom will provide an invoice that parents can submit to their insurance company, although Sprout and Bloom does not guarantee reimbursement for services.